As far as repairs go, replacing your windshield wipers is a quick, easy task anyone can do. You can find wipers at most automotive retail stores. If you are unsure of what kind to use, see your owner's manual or ask a representative at the store. Most have small kiosks to put in your make and model of car to let you know exactly what size to get.
1. Removing old wipers is the first step. Pull the entire wiper away from the windshield and it should hold itself up. Be aware the arm is made of metal so you don't scratch the glass of the windshield.
2. Use one hand to hold the arm, and the other to depress the small tab located on the underside of the wiper where it meets the metal arm.
3. Slide it off by pulling from the center toward the bottom of the arm.
4. Once removed, gently place the arm against the windshield. In order to prevent any damage, make sure that it does not snap itself back.
5. Now you're ready for new wipers. First, line the two pieces up to ensure that it simply clicks on.
6. Look at the side of the wiper that attaches to the arm. You will see it is flat and has a curve across the top. Rotate this clip until the curve is pointing towards the wiper blade.
7. Hold the wiper upside down next to the arm where they match up and put the arm in between the sides of the wiper.
8. Make sure that the open end of the curve is facing the clip, and pull the wiper upward so that the rounded edge slides into the hook. Pull it on tightly to click it into place.
9. Repeat the process on the other side.